Services Overview

In today's ever changing business world it is very important to have efficient process of creating business solutions and delivering business objectives on time. UKEESS Software House provides application development and integration, accompanied with software maintenance and support created at reasonable cost.
Since Ukraine is located in GMT +02:00 time zone and is 6-10h ahead of US customers, it gives us benefit of working on new change and feature requests of the customers projects and have them ready and delivered by their morning time to use during the business day. In addition it enables us to deploy web site updates during the site underload time.
Our services are not only limited to software development, but include whole range of fully outsourced IT solutions including:

Services In Detail
  • Full information system engineering and development
  • Business process modelling and analysis
  • Database design and optimization
  • Web development
  • Windows applications development
  • Software reengineering
  • Web Sites/Graphics Design
  • QA for existing software solutions
  • Full time software support for developed solutions
  • Audit and IT consulting
  • Remote administration...
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Scientific Research
  • Systems Integrations

Our software maintenance services include:

  • Customers access to our team collaboration tools for full monitoring and review of project development progress and full team/project management progress.
  • Ability to work with on-site and off-site source controls and team collaboration tools.
  • Full quality assurance process including quality and professional QA personal testing and fully automated testing plan and maintenance.
  • Full software support starting from issue management and finishing by full documentation.
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